Technology for Human-Machine Interaction

AI Noise Cancellation

Mute Background noises during conference calls. Take calls on the road or from home without worrying about the noises.

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AI speaker ID

Make your personal device to respond only to your voice. Add voice locks to your apps.

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Worlds best far field voice enhancement engine for interacting with machine. Speak to machines from up to 5 meters in noisy conditions.

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Communication APIS for Apps and IoTs


Enable your apps calling, chatting and sms features with simple and reliable APIs

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Visualize exciting IoT use cases when you can send voice, text and videos from IOT devices to make intelligent applications.

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Best performing VoIP client in congested network traffic conditions with proprietary voice quality management.

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Who we help


Device manufacturers who wish to add voice interface to their devices. Such as voice activated TV, Smart speaker, set top box, laptop, mobiles, routers and many more.


Wake word engines, voice analytics or speech analytics developers who wish to enhance their applications with better performance under noisy conditions.


Add design differentiated user experience to your phone with better noise and echo canceller and speaker ID.

System Integrators

If you are putting together smart meeting and conferencing systems in Enterprises.