• Completely in-house developed VoIP/IMS/RCS client software
  • Enhancing the end-end voice quality using patented algorithms
  • Ported and proven on multiple platforms – CPU’s/OS etc
  • SDKs and White label clients for Android/iOS/Windows platforms
  • Modularized software that can be easily tailored based on requirements


  • Multi-platform support: MIPS/ARM/X-86
  • Multi-OS support: Android/iOS
  • Multi-network support: Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G
  • Customizable UI on Android/iOS


  • Softphone client for mobile devices - Android/iOS smartphones and Tablets


  • Low latency
  • Low power consumption
  • Superior voice and video quality in lossy wireless environments
  • Optimized acoustic echo cancellation with auto-tune for a wide range of devices
  • Works with a wide range of SIP servers, PBXs and SIP end-points
  • Support for launching on Apple Store and Google Play


  • Voice features
    • HD voice calling with multi-network support
    • Support for supplementary calling services
    • Voice mail
  • Video features
    • HD video calling
    • Hardware video acceleration support
  • Other features
    • Network quality indicator
    • Call history for outgoing, missed and received calls
    • TLS/TCP/UDP signaling
    • ICE for NAT traversal
  • Includes ClearMedia media engine
  • VoLTE Featuers
    • VoLTE and SMS compliant with IR.92
    • Video over LTE compliant with IR.94
    • Embedded application, integrates with;
      • USIM/ISM for IMS credentials
      • LTE modem to get access to the dedicated bearer/GBR for QoS
    • AMR NB and AMR WB codecs
    • A/V lip sync and dynamic video bandwidth management
    • Emergency calling support
    • Optional support for CSFB
  • RCS Features
    • Compliant to gsma rcse, rcs 5.0/5.1 standards
    • Enhanced phonebook with capability discovery and exchange of social presence information
    • Integration with native contacts / Address book
    • Enhanced messaging with 1-1 chat, group chat, emoticons, location share and file transfer support
    • HD voice and video calling with multimedia content sharing
    • SMS/MMS over IP
    • Unified history
    • DVQM and evqm technology to mitigate high packet losses and dynamic bandwidth management
    • OMA-CP based RCS client provisioning
Apple App Store
Google Play Store
Potential applications

Mobile / VoIP / VoLTE Applications

Highly customisable OTT app that suits your needs

Mobile / Desktop RCS Applications

RCS Compliant stack and apps that work across all platforms seamlessly

CPEs with Embedded Voice

Less resource intensive stack that works across widely available platforms and processors

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