9th September, 2021

Meeami announces its Audio Speaker ID in production

Silicon Valley, CALIFORNIA, September 9th, 2021 – Meeami Technologies (Meeami®), a pioneer and leader in audio AI, noise cancellation, speaker ID and audio analytics software, today announced that its flag ship Speaker ID technology and products are in production with millions of smart phones, and new version of Speaker ID available for customers.

Meeami is a pioneer and leader in speech enhancement solutions for over 20 years. Meeami’s Speaker ID product is targeted for speaker or user identification and authentication using voice. Meeami highlighted that its advanced AI Deep learning based speaker ID technology can uniquely identify and authenticate the user for many use cases such as: phone lock/unlock, user login, multi-factor user auth as well as fraud detection for ecommerce purchases, bank transactions, ATM cash withdrawal etc. Meeami has already shipped its Speaker ID product in over 10 million devices.

Meeami Speaker ID and user authentication has wide market requirements in call centers, tech support, financial markets and ecommerce transactions & processing and much more.

Meeami is also a leader in MVNS (Multi-Variate Noise Suppression) uses a proprietary edge AI deep learning network to identify and suppress many types of noises, including background noises typically found in work from home and office environments, call centers, automotive driving, and outdoors etc. Meeami’s voice and speech enhancement solutions are deployed in, and power, over 30+ Million devices and users.

Meeami’s Speaker ID is optimized on popular DSPs, AI engines and CPUs and available on popular SoCs. This technology is offered as embeddable software on the client side applications and edge devices as well as APIs/SDKs for the cloud based applications.

“The uniqueness of Meeami Speaker ID is its robust performance in noisy conditions found at home and in office environment. Unlike some competing solutions that need to send data to cloud for speaker ID to work, Meeami Speaker ID is completely secure as it works totally on the edge without sending any data to the cloud. ” said Pankaj Joshi , head of Product at Meeami Technologies.


Meeami Technologies is a leader in Audio AI, Noise Cancellation, Speaker ID and other Audio Analytics technologies. Meeami has over 75+ patents granted and pending in this Audio AI & analytics technologies. Meeami, a pioneer with over 20+ years of experience in Audio solutions, is a spin-off of the former media processing and real-time communications group of Imagination Technologies, is the recognized leader in IP Communications and Voice IoT technology platforms for voice, video andmessaging applications. To see how Meeami is helping top-tier OEM, IC, Call Centers and carrier customers, with embedded software, mobile apps and end-to-end communications solutions, See:www.meeamitech.com.

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