Topic: Local Commands on the edge for better security and privacy

For privacy and reliability

About this talk

Most of us have experienced controlling our smart home devices with voice. How cool of an experience is that! especially when it works flawlessly. However, with the proliferation of IOT and Cloud services we have failed to address security and privacy needs of the user.  Edge AI technologies that allow smart devices to analyse data locally can be a solution to address security and privacy.

Join us as we gather a panel of experts from voice AI industry to discuss Edge AI, how does it work, when to use, training and optimising AI models for the edge and application in few industries. 

Key takeaways: How to build for the edge, pros and cons, what are hybrid solutions, applications of edge AI in Home automation, healthcare and automotive industry.

Panelists: Pankaj Joshi, Senthil Kumar

Date:  November 8, 12:30 PM, EST

About Meeami Technologies 

Meeami Technologies is a leader in Audio AI, Noise Cancellation, Speaker ID and other Audio Analytics technologies. Meeami has over 75+ patents granted and pending in this Audio AI & analytics technologies.   Meeami, a pioneer with over 20+ years of experience in Audio solutions, is a spin-off of the former media processing and real-time communications group of Imagination Technologies, is the recognized leader in IP Communications and Voice IoT technology platforms for voice, video and messaging applications. To see how Meeami is helping top-tier OEM, IC, Call Centers and carrier customers, with embedded software, mobile apps and end-to-end communications solutions, See:

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