Echo Canceller Block Diagram


  • Scalable multi-delay filtering to multiple microphones and speakers
  • Tested with multiple speakers, Stereo in and Stereo out.
  • Patented OPD, Echo path change detection, Auto tune, step size control, TSR, etc.
  • Multiple algorithms
  • Tuned for Machine / Human backend
  • Minimal/medium/complete/ultra- aggressive modes of noise suppression
  • Multiple patents
  • Supports built-in noise control and gain control
  • Echo span of up to 128ms(td) in a 640ms(tr) moving window to ensure superior performance across the devices with varying acoustic characteristics and environments

better music barge-in performance

  • Cancels echo without distorting near-end speech for better keyword detection performance (lower FRR)
  • Supports up to 96kHz sampling rate (full band)
  • Supports multiple speakers connected through an audio splitter
  • Cancels more than 60dB during single talk and more than 30dB during double talk
Devices powered by echo canceller

Smart Speaker

AVS certify your smart speakers with ClearVoice. Achieve high volume barge in capability and high response accuracy rates under noisy conditions.

Wifi Routers

Add voice capability to mesh routers to improve user experience such as password resetting, password speaking, home automation device control.

Smart Radio

Add voice capability to play songs of your choice, change channels, play by singer or band and many more voice controls.

Reference Platforms

Demonstrate far field voice processing capability on your reference design on consumer electronic devices so that OEM/ODM can launch exciting features quickly.

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