Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) solutions include video, voice, messaging, and other communication-focused APIs that allow developers to quickly and easily integrate calling, texting and other telecommunication functions directly into applications or software services.


  • HD Voice and Video calling over IP
  • Supplementary services (Hold/Unhold/Mute/Transfer/VoiceMail/Blocking)
  • Voice Conferencing
  • PSTN termination
  • Address book integration
  • 1-1 Messaging and Group messaging with rich content transfer (Files, Images, Video, Location, Voice message etc)
  • Backup for message history
  • Rich user profile with real time presence status
  • Secured Voice/Video communication using TLS / SRTP
  • End to End privacy for messaging
  • Intelligent connection manager to choose the best data network based network / usage analysis / history etc
  • Highly optimized voice components (Codecs, Echo canceller, Noise suppressor etc)


  • Simple and Consistent
  • Generic across platforms
  • UI templates and predefined control flow for quick integration
  • Enables clients to use IMS core stack (based on GSMA / 3GPP / OMA specs)
Download Flowtalk built on Meeami's CPaaS
Potential applications


Enables rich communications with customers

Banking Apps

Enables secure and private communcation(voice and text) with customers without going through telcos.

Uber Like Apps

Enables in application communications without relying on the mobile networks

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