Meeami’s ClearVoice enables Human Machine voice interaction from distances up to 5 meters under noisy conditions. It consists of a source separator or a Beam former depending on the use case, an echo canceller, noise suppression and gain controller. Few devices have been Amazon (AVS) certified with Meeami’s Clearvoice.

Source Separation based ClearVoice

Source separation block diagram


  • Adaptive Source separation for 2 mics, 3 mics and 4 mics
  • Supports built-in echo cancellation and noise cancellation
  • Dynamic configuration support for Human-Human and Human-Machine communication
  • Supports Optional spatial filter incase feedback of wakeword detection flag is available
  • Meets Normal Speaker’s AVS 2.1 certification requirement

Source Separation based ClearVoice demo under noisy conditions from far field.
Beamformer based ClearVoice

Multi Mic Adaptive Beamformer

  • World first beamformer in Cepstral/Kepstral Domain
  • Optimum filter is estimated every frame
  • No convergence concept.
  • We get optimum output each frame
  • Feedforward and avoids limit cycle issues
  • Multiple inventions in each blocks

Beamformer based ClearVoice on Petcube

  • AVS Certified!
  • Uses 4 mic linear array beamformer
  • Uses Meeami echo canceller for VOIP calls as well as ASR functionality.
Echo canceller demo on Petcube device
Few devices powered by ClearVoice

Smart Speaker

AVS certify your smart speakers with ClearVoice. Achive higg volume barge in capability and high response accuracy rates under noisy conditions.

Wifi Routers

Add voice capability to mesh routers to improve user experience such as password resetting, password speaking, home automation device control.

Smart Radio

Add voice capability to play songs of your choice, change channels, play by singer or band and many more voice controls.

Reference Platforms

Demonstrate far field voice processing capability on your reference design on consumer electronic devices so that OEM/ODM can launch exciting features quickly.

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