Personalize your experience with our AI based speaker ID. With an identification accuracy of more than 95% with very low CPU and memory requirement, its ideal for all personal devices such as phones, smart speakers, smart radios and laptops.

Speaker ID block diagram

Key KPIs

  • TPR: 95% on android mobile phone for single user enrolment use cases.
  • FPR: 5% on android mobile phone for single user enrolment.
  • CPU: 370MHZ on Android Mobile Phone.
  • Latency: less than 350 ms delay.

Competitive Benchmarking for Home use case

BenchmarkingEnrolled/ImpostorTrue positive rateFalse positive rate
Meeami Speaker ID (XMOS+P64)(05)/(05)85%15%
Amazon Echo DOT(05)/(05)98%30%

Text Dependent Speaker ID

  • Uses proprietary feature vector (40-D) and pre-trained background model @2.5 MB
  • Operates on frame by frame basis
  • Tunes the background model during enrollment
  • Provision for updating the background model
  • Identification and imposter rejection is 95% and above
  • supports specific tuning for max identification or imposter rejection
  • CPU : 360MHz (unoptimized), additional 1MHz per new speaker

Text Independent Speaker ID

  • Operates once in 200 frames of speech
  • Identification Accuracy (IA) - 90%
  • Imposter Rejection Rate - 83%
  • CPU: Base: 320 MHz (unoptimized)
  • Model size : 38 MB
  • Every increment in enrolled speaker consumes negligible MHz (around 0.5MHz)
  • Average delay: ~2/3 seconds.
Text Dependent Speaker ID Demo
Few applications enhanced with Speaker ID


Unlock mobile phone, voice lock for apps and many more features using speaker ID.


Use voice to open apps, join conferences and perform simple tasks such as shit down, screen lock etc.

Smart Speaker

Personalize smart speaker to play music you like, respond to only your queries


Control IOT devices with voice but only your voice, whether its dimming the lights or playing music.

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