Now experience noise free calls and conferences from any place and any device. Meemaiā€™s Noise canceller leverages deep learning and voice signal processing algorithms to effortlessly remove many kinds of noises such as click noise, babble noise, baby crying or dog barking in the background, road noise and many more to give you a clean experience.

The beauty of the technology is that it needs only a single mic to work and so it can be used in all devices such as laptops, mobiles and more.

AI Noise Suppression Block Diagram

Types of Noises Cancelled

  • Cancells 40+ noise types
  • Stationary noises like fan, AC, etc.
  • Non-stationary noises like highway, train, wind, babble noises
  • Highly dynamic noises like traffic horns, baby cry, police siren, dog bark, keyboard Clicks.

Suitable for Machines and Voice calls

  • Low voice spectral distortion for HMI applications
  • Preserved Speech Intelligibility for voice calls
  • Platform based customizations

Low resource requirement

  • 300 MHz on Intel x86/ARM V8
  • 4MB model & 50KB model for different application requirement
  • 10 ms Latency
  • Windows, Android, iOS, Mac SDK available for evaluation
Experience Noise Canceller performance in Road Noise Conditions
A few applications transformed by Noise Canceller

Conference calls

Mute background noise from conference

Mobile calls

Enhanced mobile calling experience in noisey environments


Removes surrounding home / office noises


Removes click and background babble noises

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