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Audio AI for all Edge Devices

Meeami Technologies is a leader in Audio AI, capturing Audio from far field, cleaning audio with Noise Cancellation and enhancing the audio with Bandwidth extension technologies. Our Speaker ID in used on millions of mobiles for voice based verification and unlocking the device. Meeami has over 75+ patents granted and pending in this Audio AI & analytics technologies. Meeami, a pioneer with over 20+ years of experience in Audio solutions, is a spin-off of the former media processing and real-time communications group of Imagination Technologies, is the recognized leader in IP Communications and Voice IoT technology platforms for voice, video and messaging applications.

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Delivering remarkable services is our niche. Backed by rich diversity, resources & innovation, we are open to ideating, collaborating & building new partnerships.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize human-machine interaction through voice. We plan to achieve this by delivering state of the art Intellectual Property using expertise in AI, Deep Neural Network, Speech processing and optimization for Cloud Services and devices on the edge.

Our Vision

To enable perfection in Human-Machine interaction using voice in the noisiest environments and in the smallest devices.

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Achivements & Awards

Best Consulting Service
Best Consulting Service

Best Consulting Service

Best Consulting Service

What Our Clients Say

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Kevin Bernitz

Chief Product Officer, StarLeaf

“Audio quality is very important to Starleaf and to our customers. After rigorous testing of all the major technologies in the space, we chose Meeami as our best partner to help with our Audio AI needs. Meeami’s solution has been integrated into our video meetings technology and has helped advance the audio experience for our customers significantly.”

Nick Kucharewski

Vice President and General Manager, Wireless Infrastructure and Networking, Qualcomm

“By adding Amazon’s advanced voice capabilities through the Alexa Voice Service, we are unlocking new opportunities for customers to enable exciting new smart home experiences controlled with the simplicity of voice.”