FlowTalk is a white-label service that integrates ClearCall application and FlowCloud servers that delivers outstanding voice and video call quality. The service provides for authentication, provisioning and payments.


  • App-to-app HD voice and video calling, with resiliency to lossy and varying wireless networks
  • Voice calling to worldwide PSTN landline/mobile phones
  • SMS based authentication
  • Integrated payment gateway
  • Scalable infrastructure
  • ClearCall app - support for multiple platforms (MIPS/ARM/x86), OS (Android/iOS) and networks (Wi-Fi, 3G/4G)


  • Single solution for voice/video/messaging
  • Superior voice and video quality in lossy wireless networks
  • White labelled solution
  • Hosted service


  • Enterprise BYOD
  • MVNO voice-over-data
  • Consumer calling/messaging


  • FlowTalk Service
    • Scalable SIP and PSTN gateway services for IP and PSTN calls
    • Voice/video/messaging between FlowTalk users
    • FlowTalk Mobile - Single ID for IP and PSTN outgoing calls/SMS
    • Low cost voice calls and SMS to worldwide landline and mobile phones
    • Voice mail, message store-and-forward
    • Authentication, provisioning and app updates
    • Subscription portal and integrated billing gateway
  • FlowTalk Client
    • HD voice and video calling with robust echo/noise cancellation
    • Support for supplementary voice calling features
    • Integration with native contacts/address book
    • Android and iOS mobile clients for smartphones/tablets